We assist business owners and other leaders who wish to follow the calling of Jesus Christ to create communities of faith in their workplace.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Message to business owners and leaders


Since I sold my accounting practice in 1997, and moved to various opportunities and challenges since then, I’ve experienced many different realizations through my various undertakings. I was exposed to local government, ministry work, and several different businesses as I went forward. Each brought more and different understanding, and I believe that each prepared me in meaningful ways for the work of Teleios Services.

One great realization that I came to was that there is an entire society in our communities that I had no understanding about, or even knowledge of. I have observed that there is a great underclass that has developed, and unfortunately, that group is growing not only by new births, but increasingly by movement down the socio-economic ladder from the middle-class.

I am working with people who live in the several housing projects in a small, southern town, and have watched their jobs go away, watched them lose their cars, and now struggle to keep power on, food in the cupboard, and medicine paid for. Many have contributed to or even caused these circumstances, but they’re not alone in their responsibility for their plight.

Through our company, Teleios Services, we’re trying to help business owners to care for their employees and create communities of faith within their offices, warehouses, and stores. I have recently counseled many as a part of my financial counseling services to those employees who, despite two incomes, have fallen into unbelievable financial circumstances. Several have been so desperate that they have admitted thoughts of suicide because they are so overwhelmed. They too sometimes bear great responsibility for their circumstances, having mortgaged their futures – but again are not alone in their responsibility for their problems.

However, I’ve also done a lot of research on labor, debt, and other economic statistics, and I’ve listened to the stories of how the walls tumbled down. Often included in the story is a financial institution, insurance company, government agent, public loan shark, or other organization that is culpable for having feasted on and added to their misery.

I look around in the communities where I am working, from Charleston to Huntsville, and from Jacksonville through Atlanta and Greenville to Charlotte – and nowhere do I find an advocate for these folks. That advocacy is available only in fits and spurts to those fortunate enough to be guided to limited available resources.

For those in financial distress – really out of options where the numbers can’t and won’t ever add up – there appears to be a system in place which will increasingly require them in the future to either submit to a life as a debtor-slave or drive them into an underground economy of deceit and crime. None of us would accept that as a reasonable end.

We also find that many are suffering emotional, spiritual, and relationship difficulties that mirror these financial problems. More often than not, people in trouble are a mixture of some or all of these types of problems, and need an experienced personal advocate to help them sort through the details.

I know you care. You wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t, and even more than that - you have acquired wisdom beyond most due to your positions. Further, I know that you have all acquired through your service and reputation a great deal of credibility and exert great influence over large numbers of people.

What I ask is that you find a time that you and I can meet together in the coming weeks. I will come to you, and I promise that I will be prepared to use your very valuable time as well and effectively as I can. I simply want to share with you an understanding of what I have observed. In a couple of hours we can discuss your vision for your organization and begin to find ways that you can exert a positive influence on those around you who rely upon you for leadership.

I am asking only this because I know that if you are armed with information, you will do the right thing. Those under your influence need to hear that you care. Our work is to help leaders who have decided to take action, and care for the people who need them.

I appreciate that you have given me the time to read this. I know that the days are long and hard, and that the burdens you already feel for those whom you serve must be enormous. Please feel free to contact me any way that you would like if I can listen, work with, assist, or pray for you in any general or specific way.

Garry Freeman
President, Teleios Services

About Teleios Services

Teleios Services has been formed to assist indigenous entrepreneurs as they lead groups of people to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everyday life. Our mission is to serve as a resource to those who plan and develop dynamic communities of faith in the global marketplace.

Work is worship; therefore all truly profitable work must be Christ-centered.
God has purpose for each person’s life, and He provides vision to those who seek Him.
Adherence to Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit forms the basis for daily living that is marked by genuine joy, peace, and prosperity.

Jesus said that relationships with God and other people should be our primary concerns.
Love, evidenced by grace is the distinguishing characteristic of such relationships.
Transparency and truth are necessary elements of meaningful relationship.
Unity, with God, and through Him with other people, is the desired end of relationships.
Wisdom, courage, and persistence are critical attributes of the effective leader.
Godly leaders are servants who are granted authority by and empower those they lead.
The leader is driven toward his or her calling by passion for that vision from God.
Peace and optimism are evidence of the faith and hope the leader has placed in Christ.
People are organized as groups to actively and holistically minister to their community.
While flexible in a changing world, effective groups focus on the ageless gospel of Jesus.
Groups become movements through replication as models become practiced by others.
Purpose, principles, and mutual promises are required for a group to pursue united effort.

We see a future where many people of diverse vocation, experience, and geography will follow the call of God to live purposeful, profitable, and joyful lives.
We see a future where business, church, school, and home all become centers for worship, discipleship, mutual support, and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.
We see a future where people are encouraged, enabled, and motivated to live, work, and play in new and diverse communities of faith marked by genuine Christian unity.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Introduction - Workplace Faith

Teleios Services is a company devoted to partnering with business owners and leaders who understand that their business relationships (employees, customers, vendors, and competitors) are given to them as a sacred trust from God.

Following are a few of our tweets from previous posts to twitter.com (@WorkplaceFaith):

WORK -Worship (Service) -Ownership (God) -Relationships (People) -Kinship (Unity); Workplace is where we are - Faith is the real work.

PLACE - a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.

FAITH matures as the seed grows; death into life - slowly, quietly, imperceptible - present at the beginning - completed at the harvest.

This is why we’ve thrown ourselves into this venture so totally. We’re banking on the living God, Savior of all men and women. ITim 4:10(TM)

Jesus changes lives!–If forgotten, overlooked and/or ignored people are changing around me-it’s a good sign that I’m following Jesus Christ.

For these business owners and leaders, the world of business is first and foremost about the people under their influence. The motivation for business is to live out their faith. That is the "work." "Prosperity" is measured by the transformation of people's lives.

A few more tweets continue the basic description of our understanding about work and such:

LEADERSHIP – Following God’s direction obediently, with constant, selfless, focused attention on the person of Jesus Christ & his people.

Relationship of mutual, voluntary obligation & support through gift and service; evidenced by cost, caring, purpose & prosperity.

What Jesus did. What Jesus does. What Jesus leads followers to do. The work of the leader; evidence of faith; benefit of community.

We believe tht the encouragement to "Bring them in" refers to the Kingdom of God, rather than to a particular building or group. We also believe that this is achieved as we each "go ye therefore" into the world of everyday work telling other people what Jesus Christ has done to transform our lives.

If your desire is to pursue the plan that God has for your business; your workplace; your own life as the leader of an organization, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Contact us by email at garry.freeman@teleiosservices.com to begin the discussion.